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It’s Monday and week number two since I've embarked on this new way of sending information to all my Typeverything friends.

I’m hoping it serves you as a source of inspiration and that it offers a way of keeping up to date with things you might have missed during a busier week.

First off here is a super nice font we launched on Typeverything this week:

Vallejo Serif designed by Felipe Calderon.

A must watch powerful speech by Sacha Baron Cohen:

Loved this concept: designers eliminate plastic coffee cup lid with single folded paper unocup (Via Designboom)

Kimou Meyer aka Groteskito shows us his favourite Old NY in his IG stories.

The folks from Dribbble created a global survey to find out how much designers earn and what’s important for them. Check it out.

Adobe interviews Tim Saccenti and Dina Chang from Setta Studio. (play the video)

This week on IG:

Elements illustrations for an private commission / “the creation” #raulurias #illustration
November 19, 2019
My dog “Mello” travels to outer space! I collaborated with BBC ICECREAM @bbcicecream on a new figure and clothing collection. 🖖🏽 Dropping Saturday, June 1st at the flagship BBC Icecream location in SoHo New York, I’ll be in attendance for a special signing. Standing 13 inches tall, I wanted “Mello” to reference the classic astronaut pose while holding the original IceCream 🍦 logo from the early 2000’s. I was first introduced to Pharrell and Nigo’s BBC Icecream brand way back when they dropped the first skate video(which is still classic!)- Was a pleasure to work with the whole bbc team on this! Designed by me, and brought to life by our good friends @toyqube 🍒 Limited to 400 pieces, with blind-box assortment of three different flavors of ice cream. See you soon NYC! 🍎 BBC, 7 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10012
May 12, 2019
Well of course pencil sharpeners are qualified #woodshavingwednesday material. This pile o’ brass and aluminum goodies are clearly a valued portion of the Mother Hoard. They are small, finely crafted, varied in shape & manufacturers, and moderately easy to find. That all adds up to a near perfect collectible. I don’t typically use them, but all, with a bit of sharpening, could be made to function nicely again. Thanks for taking the time to look! ✏️✏️✏️ #knolling #handtools #drawing #drafting #pencils #sharpener #stationeryporn #stationery #sketching #sketch #graphite #pencilsharpener #brass #pencil #pencils #crayon #crayons #flatlaytoday #flatlayoftheday #pencilsharpeners
November 20, 2019

Loved this animated characters

This week on Twitter:

Random but interesting

Secretive energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough. (via CNN)

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