New fonts January

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Welcome to issue #09

This month we introduced two new amazing fonts in our shop which you have to check out.

Boldoni is a hybrid serif with a strong classic look. It comes in 5 weights and it’s packed with alternates you can use to create unique projects.

Next up:

News Serif by Henning Skibbe, was built for editorial and all typographic challenges – analogue or digital. The letter style evolves throughout the different subfamilies to become more expressive and excessive in the Large and Huge families.

In other news:

The I Love Typography favourite typefaces of 2020 is out and our Loggia typeface got featured!

The Affinity products are still 50% Off because of this pandemic. Go check them out.

A thread worth reading:

A cool project showing artists and where they create.

That’s it!

Show us how you’re using our fonts, send your projects at We’d love to promote your work on our Instagram.

Until next time!

Andrei Robu